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For years, Gettysburg Gutter Advantage has been a leading provider of a full range of gutter cleaning services to residents of Gettysburg, PA. We have always provided the highest quality service and workmanship. We also maintain the same high standards on every project.

One of the things that have kept us at the top of the gutter cleaning industry is our dedication to customer satisfaction. This is what has earned our client’s trust with one of their most valuable assets. In fact, this has resulted in several referrals and return clients. Most of our business comes from here.

We guarantee our services. In case you’re not satisfied with our job, then call us back to redo it or refuse to pay. Call for our gutter service and you’ll encounter our knowledgeable and courteous full-time in office staff. We are always ready to answer all your questions and, more importantly, address your concerns appropriately.


Experienced and Knowledgeable

Our team of highly skilled professionals has been working on different types of gutters for several years now. There’s no project or challenging situation that’s too much for us. Throw anything at us and be sure that we’ll handle it excellently. Whether it’s a simple cleaning process or something that requires manual work, we’ll do it perfectly.

When you hire Gettysburg Gutter Advantage, you’re sure of not working with sub-contracted technicians. We train our own experts extensively so that they can meet the demands of our job, even during harsh weather conditions. Assign anything to our crew members and be rest assured that they’ll not disappoint you.

Certified and Fully Insured

Gettysburg Gutter Advantage is fully insured, so you don’t have to worry in case an accident occurs. We freely avail our references and certificates of insurance upon request. We also provide all our workers with compensation insurance. Furthermore, we are certified to work on any type of gutter.

We Deliver on Time

At Gettysburg Gutter Advantage, we have enough staff to handle multiple projects at the same time, no matter their complexity. Every group is under an experienced manager to ensure they work in an organized manner. We also have enough tools and equipment for all types of projects. That is how we manage to beat deadlines without quality compromise.

Our Service Range

Cleaning gutters isn’t our only job. When you hire us, you’ll be working with a full-service company that deals with every aspect of your investment. Here are some of the services we offer:

  1. Gutter cleaning. We do a complete and thorough job to remove debris, leaves, and other foliage from the gutters.
  2. Gutter repairs. If we find any damage on your gutters during our assessment, the next step is to mend it and put measures in place to prevent future problems.
  3. Gutter guard installation. If your house needs gutter guards, we install them to reduce the need for frequent cleaning and prevent damage from clogging.
  4. Gutter caulking and sealing. We use the highest quality caulks and sealants to keep your gutters from leaking.
  5. Christmas light installation. Make a great start to your holiday season with brand new Christmas lights. We use only the best quality of lights that you can use for future holidays.

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