Gettysburg is a city where residents are always amazed by the continuous changing climate conditions and varied seasons. We all love summer because it is warm , the weather in autumn is so nice, chilly in winter and enjoyable in spring. But unfortunately nothing is so rosy when it comes to your gutters. It is essential that you maintain your gutters free from debris and other objects so its functionality is not disturbed in any way. No matter the season or the weather, your gutters should be clean and Gettysburg Gutter Advantage is here to help. Our experience and customer service has given us the title of the most efficient gutter cleaning company in Gettysburg, PA.

But why are gutters so important? Well, they are an essential part of your home believe it or not. Regular maintenance of the gutters is vital to preserve the value of your property. Gutters are responsible for the condition of the walls, roof and it is also responsible for controlling the flow of rainwater in order to protect your house foundation. Unfortunately not many people pay attention to their gutters until they have a lot of stagnant water damaging either the roof or the walls. If you avoid or forget doing this, it can cause you a lot of money in the future. Make sure your gutters are cleaned at least once a month. 

The major cause of clogged gutters are leaves. As you know many leaves fall during autumn and these are never removed from the roof. These fall into the gutter and stay there until winter comes. It rains and snows and this water is constantly freezing over the leaves. This water can ́t run through the gutter and there is where the problems begin. When you get to spring you have a complete blocked gutter of rotten leaves and debris. The siding of the house and even the foundation can be ruined if the proper measures are not taken to clean the gutter. Gettysburg Gutter Advantage has a professional staff who specializes in gutter cleaning providing a high quality maintenance to you house. 

There are many reasons why gutters can be affected due to climate change, these are some to keep in mind:


Every gutter is built differently, the size will depend on the amount of rain water it receives. If your gutter is too small for a lot of rain, it will eventually start wearing out and finally collapse.


As we mentioned before,  leaves are one of the most common elements that make a clogged gutter. If these are not removed, rainfall water will be stuck, it will make it heavy and the gutter might pull away from the anchoring. 


These are dangerous elements for your gutter. If the gutter is full of ice, this will make the gutter heavy and it will separate from your house. The freezing and melting process will crack the gutter too and water will just flow outside of it. 


Snow, rain and sunlight combined are as same as corrosion. This usually happens when you have iron gutters. The best way to avoid corrosion  is using a copper gutter. 

As you can see, climate change is something we can ́t control, but we can avoid further problems and costs just by having a correct monthly gutter maintenance. Gutter Cleaning Advantage is your best option in Gettysburg. Call us today or visit us at  to learn more about our services and benefits you will get by cleaning your gutter. 

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