Continuous and heavy rains can bring about serious damage to your home, and that’s why you need to protect it. One way of doing this is by installing gutter systems to redirect rainwater from the roof towards downspouts. This keeps the water from seeping into your structure’s most vulnerable parts. Gutter installation prevents the following problems.

1. Prevents Basement Flooding
If your home lacks gutters or has a damaged system, then you’re likely to have it rough when it rains heavily. You can easily have a flooded basement, which is a very costly issue for any homeowner. When you discover a few inches of rainwater in this area, try to remove it as quickly as possible to prevent damage.

There are times when the problems that a flood causes aren’t immediately obvious. In case you’ve left the water in your basement for too long, you might end up noticing mold growth and other forms of damage. It’s always good to inspect your downstairs after a storm when you’re not sure of your gutters.

2. Prevents Foundation Damage
It doesn’t matter how strong and sturdy your home’s foundation is. It isn’t invincible. For instance, water exposure can ruin any foundation. A gutter directs rainwater away from your home, effectively keeping it from resting against your house in the process. This prevents cracks from forming in your foundation.

3. Prevents Siding Damage
The installation of exterior siding to your home is meant to protect the walls from the effects of light splashes of water. When it rains heavily, however, a lot of water can hit it. If this happens over a long period of time, it can lead to serious damages to your siding.

The destruction of your home’s siding can seriously impact its aesthetic appeal and overall appearance. That’s the last thing you would want your home to experience. Installing gutters can help prevent rotting, staining, or paint damage depending on your home’s type of siding. This is because it directs water away from your structure.

4. Prevents Mold Growth
If water enters your home as a result of lack of or inefficient gutters, there’s a likelihood that mold can grow there. This is because rainwater leaks create the perfect conditions for the growth to occur. It’s easier to prevent this from happening than seeking costly mold remediation services later.

5. Prevents Erosion
The erosion of soil around your house can easily damage its foundation and leave your home vulnerable to destruction. That’s why you should install a gutter system. It’s one of the simplest ways of protecting the soil that’s around your house against erosion.

6. Prevents Mosquito and Other Infestations
An effective gutter system leads water away from your home’s foundation to a garden or area where absorption is easier. This prevents standing water from collecting at the sides of your house. Such pools are usually great breeding grounds for unwanted insects like mosquitoes. Get rid of standing water around your home by installing gutters.

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